Traffic crashes are the leading cause of teen fatalities in the United States

Trusted by parents, schools, and communities, The Oklahoma Work Zone Safe Course provided by The Oklahoma Department of Transporation is 100% free and online.

Teens learn to be confident, capable, and safe drivers in work zones.

Work Zone Safe Educational Scholarship
Oklahoman teen drivers ages 15-19 who successfully complete the Work Zone Safe online course are entered each month to win one of two $500 educational scholarships. 

Work Zone Safe Scholarships Provided by

Safe Driver Insurance Discount

Available from Rondon Insurance with a completed course certificate

Sky Zone Jump Pass

Trade your completed course certificate in for a 60-minute jump pass at Sky Zone.

Valid at Edmond Location Only

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Course Curriculum

  Oklahoma Work Zone and Move Over Safe - What to Expect
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Work Zone Safe Behaviors
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Work Zone Safe Laws
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Work Zone Safe Teen Drivers
Available in days
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  Work Zone Faces
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  Wrap up
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Hi, I’m Tim Gatz Oklahoma Secretary of Transportation

Each year young drivers are involved in fatal crashes at more than twice the rate of all other drivers.

Annually across the country more than 300,000 young drivers are seriously injured changing their lives forever.

Nothing is more important than the lives of our Oklahoma teen drivers and the workers and contractors they share the road with.

Oklahoma Work Zone Safe gives teen drivers the opportunity to learn about work zones and their commitment to safety is rewarded.

Every Oklahoman teen driver who successfully completes the Work Zone Safe course receives a certificate of completion. They are also entered to win an educational scholarship and can potentially qualify for an insurance discount.

Join the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the contractors who you share the road with and commit to being Work Zone Safe.

When everyone in Oklahoma is Work Zone Safe and arrives home safe, we all win!

Work Zone Safe Drivers

Review the behaviors that make a driver Work Zone Safe.

Work Zone Signs
Work Zone Safe Signs and Laws

Review the Oklahoma signs and laws that help drivers stay Work Zone Safe.

Work Zone Safe Faces

Get to know the faces of the Oklahoma Work Zone Safe Family.